Orlando Pirates takımından Thabo Rakhale, Afrika'dan güneş gibi doğan yetenek ama komik yetenek :)

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How?! Orlando Pirates’ Thabo Rakhale ‘gets ball to follow him’ in incredible skill
Showboating is commonplace in football today, with players possessing a range of skills from the sublime to the stupid.
And the latest player to show off the tricks at his disposal is Thabo Rakhale, the Orlando Pirates midfielder who produced this pointless, yet utterly brilliant piece of wizardry during his side’s 2-0 victory over Chippa United in the South Africa Premier League.
In a trick that would probably make Dynamo proud, Rakhale, with the help of some hefty backspin, manages to have the ball follow him down the wing – even showing some swagger in the process.
Let the ball do the work, as they say.
Yet for all his magic, the player eventually has to play a pass back to a team-mate. Boring.
So no real end product, but no real reason not to admire Rakhale’s mind-blowing work, either.